This is your one stop shop for moving supplies

We have a great selection of moving supplies


Moving Boxes


  • Book Boxes 
  • Small, Medium, Large, XLarge
  •  Electronic Boxes (these can hold your heavy things)
  • Small (up to 75lbs) · Medium (up to 120lbs) · Large (up to 120lbs) 
  • Lamp and Sports Utility Boxes
  • Grand and Shorty Wardrobe Boxes  Mirror and TV Boxes
  • Dishbarrell boxes (great with the Dish & Glass pack kits)  

Mattress Bags, Dish & Glass Packs and more


  • Mattress bags (Twin, Full, Queen and King)
  • Sofa
  • Chair
  • Rug
  • Love seat
  • Tarps 
  • Cargo Rope and more

Bubble Wrap


Bubble Wrap comes in two sizes 

  • Large (has large bubbles) and comes in 100 ft. rolls)
  • Small (has small bubbles) and comes in 150 ft. rolls)

Each has perforations at 1 ft sections. 

We also carry a smaller roll of bubble wrap in 15 ft rolls.

Check out our recycled bubble wrap for smaller sections. 

Wrapping Paper


Wrap your items with Uhaul Wrapping paper. We carry two sizes.

  • 5lb (which is 100 sheets)
  • 10lb (which is 200 sheets)

We also carry recycled paper in our recycled section. 



We carry a variety of tape:

Single roll packaging tape

Double rolls

Tape Guns

Strapping Tape

Paper Tape

Go Green, save with recycled packing materials


We accept and sell 

Recycled packaging peanuts 

(remember not to use peanuts or Styrofoam with any electronic devices) 

Air packs
Packaging materials

Boxes (in our "Used Box Room")